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Date Time Opponent Rinks Venue Event Our Score Their Score Win / Loss
2nd May 202102:30 PMClub open4 RinksHomeFriendly
8th May 202102:30 PMBelmont3 RinksHomeNSL
15th May 202102:30 PMVacant Date3 RinksHomeFriendly
16th May 202102:30 PMVacant Date4 RinksAwayFriendly
19th May 202102:30 PMTemple BCERRORHomeJackson
22nd May 202103:00 PMPutney Town4 TriplesAwayJackson
23rd May 202103:00 PMSouthey3 RinksAwayK&D
29th May 202102:30 PMHeathfield3 RinksHomeNSL
30th May 202102:30 PMStreatham Park4 TriplesHomeJackson
2nd June 202102:30 PMSouth LondonERRORAwayJackson
5th June 202102:30 PMNo Fixture4 RinksHomeFriendly
6th June 202102:30 PMMalden BC3 RinksAwayNSL
12th June 202102:30 PMSouthey3 RinksHomeNSL
13th June 202102:30 PMWandilea4 TriplesHomeJackson
16th June 202102:30 PMHeathfieldERRORAwayJackson
19th June 202102:30 PMSouth London3 RinksAwayNSL
20th June 202102:30 PMNo Fixture4 RinksHomeFriendly
26th June 202102:30 PMMerton Park3 RinksAwayK&D
27th June 202102:30 PMNo Fixture4 RinksHomeFriendly
30th June 202102:30 PMNorburyERRORHomeJackson
3rd July 202102:30 PMClub Centenary Day4 RinksHomeFriendly
4th July 202102:30 PMClub 2 wood singles4 RinksHomeFriendly
7th July 202102:30 PMSouthwark SportsERRORHomeJackson
10th July 202102:30 PMNo Fixture4 RinksHomeFriendly
11th July 202102:30 PMMerton3 RinksHomeFriendly
14th July 202102:30 PMTemple BCERRORAwayJackson
17th July 202102:30 PMNo Fixture4 RinksHomeFriendly
18th July 202102:30 PMChessington3 RinksAwayK&D
24th July 202102:30 PMSupreme3 RinksAwayK&D
25th July 202102:30 PMHook & Southborough3 RinksHomeK&D
31st July 202102:30 PMNorbury4 TriplesHomeJackson